Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get paid? 

Production & Touchup Department:

  • Paid training: $15.00 – $18.00 hourly (training only a week)
  • After training: Piece Rate — Averages up to $20.00 – $30.00 hourly 
Quality Control & Warranty Department:
  • Quality Control Department: For experienced Painters $25.00-30.00 hourly
  • Warranty Department: For experienced painters with customer service background $20.00 – $30.00

What is Piece Rate?

  • This is a set amount of pay to complete a specific paint job. This is usually split between the Forman and Helper. Do the job quickly and efficiently, you effectively make more per hour. It incentivizes hard work vs getting paid a set hourly rate. All employees have the opportunity to make more “per hour” on piece rate.

See video below for further explanation

How Often Do I Get Paid?

  • Weekly 
  • Payday is every Monday
  • Direct deposit available 

How Many Hours Will I Work Per Week?

  • All available positions are full time, 40+ hours can be expected each week. Monday – Friday and occasional Saturdays. 
  • Production: Between 6:30 AM & 7:00 AM – Until job is complete.
  • Touch Up: Between 7:00 AM & 7:30 AM – Until job is complete.

Is there room for promotions and pay raise?

  • YES, we are looking for motivated people to move up quickly.
  • Attendance, attitude, reliability, and work ethic are major factors that determine advancement with Petersen Painting.
  • We do reviews at week 1, week 2 and week 4. Depending on your reliability and work ethic, it’s possible to be promoted to right hand man or foreman within the first few weeks.
  • Raises come quickly with proving yourself as a dedicated employee rather than how long you’ve been with the company.

What is the vacation and paid holiday policy?

2 years = 3 paid days off
3 years = 5 paid days off
5 years = 7 paid days off


Do you offer benefits?
  • Performance Based Bonuses
  • After 90 days: You can reach out for an evaluation to receive performance bonuses. 
  • Useful for: Catching up on bills, taking your family on vacation, or purchasing your own health insurance. 

What to Bring to the Interview

We require 2 forms of ID. Choose 1 from each option. We do not accept copies or pictures.

Option 1:

  • State Photo ID 
  • Valid Driver’s License 
  • Passport

Option 2:

  • SSN Card 
  • Work Visa
  • U.S Birth Certificate 


Do I have to use my own vehicle?

Utah Location:
  • Your first day, come to the shop at 6:30AM. You will get your tools and be assigned to a crew.
  • As a brand new employee you will need to drive to the jobsite or arrange to be picked up at a nearby parking area. When you become a permanent crew member (right hand man/foreman), a company vehicle is provided and you may park your personal vehicle at the shop.
  • You will only be allowed to drive a company vehicle with a valid driver’s license (California not accepted).
Idaho Location:
  • No. Meet at shop, and leave with your crew to the job site. 

Do I need to buy any paint or materials?

  • No, all materials and paint are provided to complete the jobs assigned for that day.

Is the equipment provided? provided? 

  • Provided Equipment: Sprayers/pumps, prepping and finish material, ladders, and vacuums, will be provided by the company at no cost.
  • Personal hand tools you will need to have each day: Putty knife, nail set, paint brush, caulk gun, and utility knife. If you don’t have these items they are available for purchase at a reduced cost. The cost for these items can be deducted from your paycheck.  

What can I expect the first week?

  • Your first day, come to the shop at 6:30AM. You will get your tools and be assigned to a crew
  • Your first few weeks you will be moved from team to team to find the best fit based on experience level and interpersonal skills. 

Will I be working by myself?

  • Production: Crews are generally made up of  2-3 members.
  • Touch up: Crews are generally made up of 2 members, but Foreman may work alone.

Can I use my car to drive to the job site?

  • Yes, if arrangements are made with field managers.

Is there a referral program?

Petersen Painting Inc.

ID: 208.461.9387 | ex. 402 

UT: 801.766.6685

Text(o): 208.960.2086


Facebook: Petersenpaintingidaho | Petersenpaintingutah 

Instagram: Petersen.painting